Ten good reasons to fill up on Allégro cheeses!

  1. They’re substantially high in protein.

    All Allégro cheeses are a significant source of protein, with 8 to 11 grams per 30 gram portion. A single portion provides more protein than one egg! Protein helps trigger a feeling of “fullness.” In other words, by making sure you get enough protein, you will simply eat less!

  2. Certain cheeses are lactose-free.

    Up to 20% of Canadians suffer from lactose intolerance, a condition that requires making changes to dietary habits in order to avoid nutritional deficiencies. Most people suffering from a deficiency of lactase (an enzyme that plays a role in the digestion of lactose) can tolerate a certain amount of lactose; however, many people prefer to use products that are completely lactose-free. Such is the case with the 4% fat firm cheeses in the Allégro line, which are made in such a way as to eliminate lactose during the washing of the curds and the aging process.

  3. They’re low in fat.

    Did you know that all Allégro cheeses (besides 16% milk fat soft cheese) contain only 3 grams or less of fat per 30 gram portion? By opting for Allégro over cheddar-type cheese, you will avoid eating 7 grams of fat, almost the equivalent of 2 teaspoons of butter!

  4. They’re low in saturated fat.

    Saturated fats increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. By choosing an Allégro light cheese, not only will you reduce your consumption of saturated fats, you’ll also decrease your cholesterol intake. Those with high cholesterol levels no longer need to deprive themselves of cheese!

  5. Certain cheeses are a source of probiotics.

    Probiotics, the “good bacteria” that improve digestive health while strengthening the body’s natural defences, are present in Allégro Probio 4% cheese and Allégro Probio 7% Soft Ripened cheese. Cheese is an excellent vehicle for these active cultures.

  6. They’re a great source of calcium.

    Calcium plays an important role in our bodies: it prevents osteoporosis, helps regulate blood pressure, and may even help to control body weight. In fact, more and more studies are showing that calcium can contribute to weight loss. Calcium—especially from dairy products—promotes the use of body fat and prevents its build-up. Each portion of Allégro cheese provides 15 to 20% of the recommended daily intake of calcium. Allégro cheese: a great way to meet your body’s needs and give yourself a treat at the same time!

  7. Certain cheeses are low in sodium.

    Canadians consume too much sodium, which increases the risk of high blood pressure. Most Allégro cheeses provide 7 to 10% of the recommended maximum daily level of sodium, which is quite acceptable.

  8. They’re an excellent snack.

    Snacks not only provide a little between-meal energy, they also contribute to weight control. The best kinds of snacks combine carbohydrates (a quick source of energy) and proteins (nutrients that slow down the absorption of carbohydrates to keep the body going for longer periods of time). For the perfect snack, enjoy a fruit, some raw vegetables or a few crackers, and a piece of Allégro cheese!

  9. They can help prevent tooth decay.

    Few people know that cheese is an important ally in the prevention of cavities, even though several studies have demonstrated this to be true. If you don’t happen to have a toothbrush close at hand, bite into a piece of cheese, especially if you have just eaten something sweet. Cheese stimulates the secretion of saliva while also providing calcium and phosphorus—two elements that can help prevent mineral loss in teeth.

  10. They’re tasty!

    Who says light cheeses are tasteless? To make sure that “health” and “pleasure” can go together hand-in-hand, we have devoted years of research to creating low-fat cheeses that are unquestionably tasty. And our work has paid off! Consumer testing has confirmed that Allégro cheeses are sure to please. Health-conscious cheese lovers, stop depriving yourselves! Enjoy all the pleasure you get from cheese in a light alternative!